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The Sound of A Wish by ilmungo Through ups and downs, rain drops and sun rays, we held together, we marched shoulder by shoulder. We are not naive, we knew too well life is unpredictable, like how we traveled thousands of miles to meet with one another on this distant land so far away from […]

Sometimes I Wonder…

Sometimes I wonder, if I have stood still for too long. In a wink of an eye, familiar faces became strangers, warm relationships went cold, and feelings that used to warm my heart transformed into heartaches. Perhaps, I have changed, but still standing still, unable and unwilling to move, not even an inch. Sometimes I […]

Waiting for Waterfall

Why, in the dense forest, I feel I am the only tree? Why, in my dark pupil, the sunlight never shines in? Why, in a cup of water, I am always the drop of oil? I can’t get out, and you can’t get in… Why, among the dozen of roses, I am the withered one? […]

Momentary Realization

When you knocked out that bag of potato chips, I knew it was over. I knew all efforts were nullified, all hopes were extinguished. I realize you are no different than what you were couple years ago. Perhaps, deep down inside, you never seriously considered to correct that sinful part of you. Or maybe, at […]

A Tale of A Homeless Dog

I am a homeless dog, wandering in a strange city, a city where people are either drugged by the present or by the heartbroken past.

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