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Licking My Wounds

Honestly, such result is expected. I kind of predicted my own fate, tragic but never surprising. However, it stills hurts as if someone brutally slices my confidence away, and with a mocking and nearly sinister smile on the face. Did I finally let go the last piece of my defeated confidence? I feel naked, standing […]

Take a Pause

Time can be so ruthless, even the shocking death cannot stop its steps. Sun still rises in the morning, and still sets around five or six. We still rush into the terrible traffic in the morning, and we listen to the same radio show on the way back home. Time never pauses no matter what […]


Why grapes turn sour? Why spring wind no longer colors my heartbeat? Why words turn into swords, so incisive yet so fatuous? Why after everything has happened I still do not see the path? Exiled, in the land of confusion. Confused, in events that never took place. Weakened, because I see my weakness. Lost, in […]

Ocean of Love

in Your immense ocean of love i’ve found the sole meaning of existence people taught me not to give for nothing but You loved me when i couldn’t even care for my own being people taught me the world never stops when i hobble but each time You stood next to my shoulder letting Your […]

Haiku #3

Less than two weeks left drumbeats arrive from distance Father, walk with me

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