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Beauty, In My Own Words

In response to this month’s ping homily… Let’s start my discussion with the well known phrase “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. One of the obvious meanings of this sentence is that beauty is subjective. If beauty varies from person to person, from beholder to beholder, then to take a step further, it […]

Life is Contradictory

When I first came to United States, I met with my cousin who is two years older than me. I was fascinated by her lifestyle. She lived with her boyfriend, she drove her own car and she paid her own bills. In short, she was independent and because her independency she enjoyed a great amount […]

Have You Ever…

Have you ever felt life has become a routine, an inescapable program, and you are running with confused obligation? Have you ever waked up in the morning, with radiant sun shining outside, but you find not even one thread of light in your heart? Have you ever wondered what is the true calling of your […]

Dark Hole

I found myself lost and defeated. As if I had just put down my sword after a long and bloody battle, tired and exhausted, but only to find the monster that I just slew resurrected. It was a feeling of frustration, fear of uncertainty and mixed of subtle but tangible sorrow. Sorry, I am obscuring […]

Christmas and Xmas

Christmas, which literally means the Mass of Christ, is celebrated in many countries throughout the world. The word is a contraction of Christ’s Mass. It is a holiday in Christian calendar which celebrates the birth of Jesus, usually observed on December 25. In United States, Christmas was declared as a federal holiday on June 26, […]

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