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Personal Phantom

Every time I thought I have escaped from your claws, you come back and remind me of your existence. Perhaps this is my destiny. I have lived with you for almost 10 years, and my attempt to get rid of you never ceased, but I never succeeded. In some way, you made me into the […]

Losing Hope

This is what I feel right now. As the hopeful light shifts away from my small stage, once again I found myself playing a lonely and insignificant role. When I stepped out my little theater, I see nothing has changed because of me and because of my deeds. I feel I am living in vain. […]

No Good In Me

Maybe I should shut myself in a dark room, no light, no color, so there is no distraction. Digging in, shovel by shovel, deep into self, into soul. Piercing my body with questions, tear my heart up with intolerable disappointments. What have I become? A monster, a person that I disgust. Like Paul said in […]

Disturbance of Placid Lake

You threw a stone into my placid lake, and my world wrinkles by ripples. I have been self-trained to be in control of everything seemingly uncontrollable, for instance my emotions and the urge to enjoy spring. I have proven to be successful so far, and now I feel I am losing grip on the rein […]

Pieces of a Broken Mirror — Piece 2

Preface This second piece really took me a great deal to finish. I think it has been as a draft for over six months, and it is probably the longest entry on this blog as well. Anyway, I think it turned out okay, I hope you enjoy this one as much as the first piece. […]

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