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I moved my car from the back to the front parking lot, and I run back to the lab. All of the sudden, I recalled the running that I used to do in my childhood. I remember I used to be a good runner, an active and athletic kid. My family lived inside a school, […]

Indelible Phantom

I thought I am out of shadow, I have cut the cord. I thought I am clean, I am purged. I thought I have crossed the river, climbed the mountain. I am wrong, whether it is a matter of self-deception or a subconscious cover-up, I have once again underestimated the significance of your existence in […]

Free Man

Here I go, with earphone and David Tao’s song; I am ready for another journey, another sail. “To where?” you ask. I honestly do not know, maybe the philosophical garden of the Roman Empire, or busy and crowded streets of Shanghai, or perhaps inside the white tent in midst of Arabic desert or street market […]

Never Tell

Suddenly I found myself floating in the ocean of people, unable to see the shoreline. I have come this far, but still empty-handed: no treasures from hidden cave, or legendary lamp of a deceased magician. Life, portrayed with the pencil of reality, it is not a colorful canvas, but a messy monotonic sketch. But why? […]

Incoherent Monologue

Everyday you come in and out of my life, but I am incapable of retaining anything, not even a thread of your grace. Hence I learned that nothing is certain, nothing is real and I am still struggling in the basic proof of my own existence. I search you, at same time I search a […]

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