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The Dark Knight’s IMAX Short Film

If you are planning to watch I Am Legend this weekend, be prepared to receive a pleasant surprise. Well, not really a surprise anymore, since I am going to tell you what it is. According to FirstShowing, there is a IMAX short film of The Dark Knight showing before I Am Legend, limited to IMAX […]

Wall-E Teaser

It looks like there is another interesting tale that Pixar has in store for us in 2008. I wonder what is the story about this rusty fellow Wall-E, check out the teaser.

iPhone Ads

Now that we are on June, we are even closer to the release of iPhone. Have you checked the recent video ads of iPhone from Apple? What do you think of these ads? Are you convinced to get one?

Steve and Bill Together

If you are a geek, I am sure you know about the recent joined interview between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates done during D5. I am currently watching the entire interview, and it is very interesting and fun so far. If you are interested here is the link, enjoy!

Reasons of Leopard’s Delay

By now, I think many of us already know that the release date of Leopard is pushed back to October, and the reason we hear is that development effort in Apple is heavily shifted to iPhone, in order to make the June release of iPhone. However, could there be other reasons that Apple is not […]

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