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Behind Prosperity

Around this time of the year, usually bloggers post yearly summary (maybe later), thankful entries or generally merry and positive stuff. But when I saw these photos over at a forum, I just felt compelled to share them with my readers here. I think they are submissions of a photography contest, but other than that […]

Dark Hole

I found myself lost and defeated. As if I had just put down my sword after a long and bloody battle, tired and exhausted, but only to find the monster that I just slew resurrected. It was a feeling of frustration, fear of uncertainty and mixed of subtle but tangible sorrow. Sorry, I am obscuring […]

Christmas and Xmas

Christmas, which literally means the Mass of Christ, is celebrated in many countries throughout the world. The word is a contraction of Christ’s Mass. It is a holiday in Christian calendar which celebrates the birth of Jesus, usually observed on December 25. In United States, Christmas was declared as a federal holiday on June 26, […]

Birds and Mushrooms

I was browsing photos in a photography contest, I don’t remember the name of the contest, but I like to share with you some of my favorites.


你分享的時候,我就坐在你身邊。你的聲音告訴我你極力控制你的情緒。我可以想象你心中的洶湧澎湃。可誰又會不感動呢?你分享的本身就是一件沉重的要讓人窒息的事情。 我想,從今以後,你在我眼中將不再一樣,因爲你從苦難的另一端走了出來,皮毛不損,只是丟失了一份純真。從今以後,因爲你所述說的故事,我對你多了一份理解,多了一份認識。 你問了很多好問題,曾經每個人可能都不只一次質問過的問題。當我們提問的時候,也許我們多了一份成熟,可是也同時少了那一去不復返的童真。我很開心你找到了可以接受的答案,它讓你可以繼續走下去,去面臨更多將要撲面而來的問題。也許,你的經歷可以讓你更理解擁有同樣經歷的人,而這份理解雖不是答案,卻可能給予那一顆顆痛苦的心一份真誠的慰籍。

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