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Disturbance of Placid Lake

You threw a stone into my placid lake, and my world wrinkles by ripples. I have been self-trained to be in control of everything seemingly uncontrollable, for instance my emotions and the urge to enjoy spring. I have proven to be successful so far, and now I feel I am losing grip on the rein […]

Pieces of a Broken Mirror — Piece 2

Preface This second piece really took me a great deal to finish. I think it has been as a draft for over six months, and it is probably the longest entry on this blog as well. Anyway, I think it turned out okay, I hope you enjoy this one as much as the first piece. […]

Backyard Flower

Here are some random shots taken in the backyard of my parent’s house.

Coming Soon Plug-in

Okay, I think I am done, I think this simple little plug-in is ready to be released into the wild. Anyway, Coming Soon is a plug-in that simply outputs a list of drafts currently your blog might contain. To get an idea, just take look at my sidebar, it is the list under the title […]


I moved my car from the back to the front parking lot, and I run back to the lab. All of the sudden, I recalled the running that I used to do in my childhood. I remember I used to be a good runner, an active and athletic kid. My family lived inside a school, […]

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