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Chicago Trip Day 1

We arrived at Chicago around 1pm afternoon. While walking out of Midway airport, I noticed there were power sockets everywhere in the airport lounge. As a geek, this is such convenience. Travelers can charge various gadgets while waiting for the flight. I hope one day San Diego airport can be like this. Once we found […]


孩子快 抓緊媽媽的手 去天堂的路 太黑了 媽媽怕你 碰了頭 快 抓緊媽媽的手 讓媽媽陪你走

Napa Valley Trip

I apologize to my readers for my unannounced absence of last week. My friends and I took a 3-day trip to North California, more precisely Santa Rosa and Napa. We visited many places and did a lot of sightseeing. Overall, the trip was fantastic, and the places we visited are very peaceful and relaxing. I […]


危樓外, 重重蒼柏, 勢若孔雀石叠, 天遮地蓋。 扶欄欲眺, 撥未開; 卻得秋露万點, 飄飄撒撒, 冷透心懷。 來源: 《走了一万一千哩路》– 顧城

Sometimes I Wonder…

Sometimes I wonder, if I have stood still for too long. In a wink of an eye, familiar faces became strangers, warm relationships went cold, and feelings that used to warm my heart transformed into heartaches. Perhaps, I have changed, but still standing still, unable and unwilling to move, not even an inch. Sometimes I […]

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