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San Francisco City Hall

After almost two weeks after my WordCamp San Francisco trip, I still find myself sorting through tons of photos that I took during the trip. I just finished uploading photos of San Francisco City Hall, here are some of them.

Waiting for Waterfall

Why, in the dense forest, I feel I am the only tree? Why, in my dark pupil, the sunlight never shines in? Why, in a cup of water, I am always the drop of oil? I can’t get out, and you can’t get in… Why, among the dozen of roses, I am the withered one? […]

Momentary Realization

When you knocked out that bag of potato chips, I knew it was over. I knew all efforts were nullified, all hopes were extinguished. I realize you are no different than what you were couple years ago. Perhaps, deep down inside, you never seriously considered to correct that sinful part of you. Or maybe, at […]

A Tale of A Homeless Dog

I am a homeless dog, wandering in a strange city, a city where people are either drugged by the present or by the heartbroken past.


Waking up this morning made me sad, because I dreamed about returning home. The dream felt so real, and I remembered feeling really happy. In the dream, I was back in China the day of New Year’s Eve, and the plan was to meet up with my parents and all other relatives that night for […]

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