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Licking My Wounds

Honestly, such result is expected. I kind of predicted my own fate, tragic but never surprising. However, it stills hurts as if someone brutally slices my confidence away, and with a mocking and nearly sinister smile on the face. Did I finally let go the last piece of my defeated confidence? I feel naked, standing […]

Beyond Mourning

I hate the fact that in a few hours after the memorial service, I am once again absorbed back into my life. The collective sorrow that we all shared during the service is merely a point in life, not a line that extends into my future. Sometimes, at least when I think of it, I […]

Take a Pause

Time can be so ruthless, even the shocking death cannot stop its steps. Sun still rises in the morning, and still sets around five or six. We still rush into the terrible traffic in the morning, and we listen to the same radio show on the way back home. Time never pauses no matter what […]

Rest in His Embrace

It still feels surreal to me that a living boy has departed from the world we live in, and he is merely 14-year-old. I swear I still remember that he performed Super Mario theme song in the talent show to raise money for our church’s building fund. I still remember bumping into him in the […]


一個人自己規划其存在的方式總是最好的,不是因為這方式本身算最好,而是因為這是他自己的方式。 愛的給予即不是謙卑的奉獻,也不是傲慢的施捨,它是出於內在的豐盈的自然而然的流溢,因而是超越於道德和功利的考慮的。 來源:《朝聖的心路》- 周國平

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