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您已經失蹤十五天了,仍然音訊全無。遠在太平洋另一邊的我做不了什麽,只能為您祈禱,希望您終能踏上回家的路。 這一日,我總在想,您在哪裏?您的情況如何? 是否是雪下得太大,把您來時的腳印都覆蓋了,您昏花的眼睛分辨不出回家的路?您有沒有問好心的路人,家在哪裏,而他們都視您如瘋子,避而遠之? 希望有好心人收留你,不然寒風凜凜的夜晚您可怎麽挺過來。如果您走累了,千萬不要急,免得跌跤把膝蓋磕破了。唉,希望主與您同在,希望奇跡會出現。

Views on Wallpaper

With the recent completion of my wallpaper section, I thought I may just ride on the wave and get these words out of my chest. I have been wanted to write an article about wallpaper for awhile, but I have always found for myself excuses from doing so. After all I realize this is my […]

Have You Ever…

Have you ever felt life has become a routine, an inescapable program, and you are running with confused obligation? Have you ever waked up in the morning, with radiant sun shining outside, but you find not even one thread of light in your heart? Have you ever wondered what is the true calling of your […]

Coming Soon v2 Lite

Since it is lite, of course there is no new feature added, instead I took out some stuff from the original version 2. First, there is no more date for the drafts. I don’t know if anyone can confirm to me on this, but apparently WordPress 2.0 does not save dates on drafts. Second, instead […]

Photos from Fan

My co-worker Fan went to Las Vegas during the holidays, and he took many beautiful pictures using his camera Nikon D70. I like many of them, and he is kind enough to let me share these here. Thanks Fan!

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