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Micro-blogging with Asaph

I am glad I read this post on Vikiworks recently, it introduced me to a wonderful micro-blogging platform, Asaph. Asaph is minimalistic and simple. It allows you to collect links and images as you stumble them on the internet. It comes close to Tumblr, but even simpler than that. The best part of Asaph is […]

iPhone/iPod Touch Wallpapers

Ever since I got my iPod Touch, I wanted to convert some of my wallpapers into iPhone/iPod Touch size. Truth to be known, sometimes I can be a extremely good procrastinator. As you can see, after being an iPod Touch owner for more than a year, and having gone from the original iPod Touch to […]

Absence of LOVE

I still remember how eager we were to see each other. I still remember how safe and at ease we felt when we gathered. We chatted about anything that was on our mind, and we shared dark corners of our lives. There was no wall, no guard and no mask. I cannot forget the strong […]

Introducing Wooden Fish 2009

Beginning of November 2008, I started to brainstorm a new design for Wooden Fish. I wanted a design to accommodate my infrequent publishing, so I had my mind set on a single-post home page, also I wanted to try something new. Prior to this, on one occasion I had mentioned to my girlfriend that I […]

GMail Keeps Getting Better

I am really impressed with the new features Google recently released on Gmail. First, the Gmail audio and video chat, I tested with co-workers and it works great. It can be an useful tool to have a quick audio and video chat with other Gmail users without launching Skype. Today, Gmail enabled themes in the […]

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