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The Beginning of Something Mediocre

Thus the communication between you and me begins, the moment my fingers stroke the computer keyboard, the start of an online journal, the birth of Wooden Fish. But to me, it existed long before this web page that appears before you eyes at this instance, it existed months ago, when it was merely a vague idea, not possessing any concrete forms. Maybe you would argue, that’s not the existence we are discussing right now, maybe the “it” you are referring to has some fundamental differences than the “it” I am referring to. So it is not a dispute, but more precisely a discrepancy on understanding, a common misunderstanding.

Perhaps this is a beginning of a series of misunderstanding. I type at this end, and you misinterpret at your end. However, we still achieve some degree of communication. The question maybe then becomes: how precisely do we understand each other? It looks to me that’s rather a question of faith.

Regardless, here I come before your eyes in form of English alphabets, the formless me. I do not come to settle any disputes, or to solve any philosophical parodies, but just write for the sake of surviving, for the longing that dwells in all hearts: long to be understood, or perhaps misunderstood. Whatever it is, here is the beginning of something mediocre.

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