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Let me just come out and say that if you are planning to watch this movie during the weekend, you should think again. I strongly recommend you to consider other options. This is not a movie you should spend $10.50 on, even for DVD rental I would hesitate a bit. Good thing for me I got to watch this in a free advanced screening, otherwise I would seriously regret. The movie does have some sleek, slow-motion, explosive shooting scenes, where Max Payne shoots like what he does in the game, and bad guys shoot so inaccurately that you wonder whether they need a pair of glasses. Anyway, even these scenes feel out of place, like they don’t really belong in the movie, and honestly I think there were just not enough firepower and blood to carry the movie to its climax. Do not expect another Wanted, because you will sure feel disappointed. Character development in this movie is flawed and weak. Max Payne has a tragic past, and the acting of Mark Wahlberg failed to evoke any sympathy in me. Mona Sax by Mila Kunis is like one-dimensional paper doll, she is rather just an extra shooter for Max, no chemistry found between Max and Mona. Maybe I am being too harsh on this film, but trust me you should watch something else this weekend.

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