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Personal Struggle With Threaded Comments

Few days ago, I upgraded Wooden Fish to WordPress 2.7, a release that received quite amount of praises prior to its official release, and also an upgrade that I was excited about. After a smooth upgrade on Wooden Fish (I crossed my fingers during upgrade and it worked!), I continued my work on the upcoming new theme. I want this new blog theme to be 2.7 compatible, especially incorporating the newly introduced feature, threaded comments. To write the new comments.php, I followed this guide on WordPress Codex, also the example comments.php from Otto is extremely helpful. I wanted a customized comment layout, so I used a custom callback function. This part can be confusing, so I recommend this post from Jeremy Clark. You can start out using the example function he provided.

However, after all the changes I still could not get the reply link to appear at the end of each comment. I examined every single line of code, and I was sure I committed no coding mistake. It really drove me crazy! I was clueless and frustrated. I left a comment on Jeremy’s blog, asking for his advice, and thank God he pointed out the problem. I forgot to enable threaded comments in the dashboard. What a stupidity! I feel a bit ashamed writing this out in public, but I hope this serves as a reminder to the rest. When you incorporate thread comments in your theme, make sure to enable threaded comment in Settings->Discussion.

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