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I’ve Met The Fockers

Yes, it is late and I just came back from movie theater. It is really a bad idea to eat a big dinner before going to see Meet The Fockers. I laughed so hard in the movie theater, at the times I seriously thought that my stuffed belly would explode due to continuous laughter. The sequel is entertaining, hilarious and as much fun as the first one.

Meet The Fockers

I really think Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand did a good job in this movie. They totally managed to embody the essence of a liberal family, which is pretty much the opposite of the Byrnes family. When these two families meet each other and are forced to spend a weekend together, all sorts of things are possible, a clash that will take place in every aspect of their lives. Meanwhile, the audience can just sit back comfortably in a chair and laugh their hearts out.

I really enjoyed the movie. However considering that many of you have not seen it yet, I would not like to spoil the movie for you. So I will stop talking before I leak out any more details about the movie. But before I leave I just want to mention that the baby in the movie is so cool, so cute and so funny. Okay enough said, you should be running now to the nearest theather and getting the tickets.

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