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Origin of Loneliness

When the word “happy” or “sad” is uttered from my mouth, pronounced using my vocal cord, can you, my target audience, comprehend the essence of my message? A successful communication is not just sending over sound waves from one person to another, it is the absolute comprehension of the message by all parties involved in the process. Unfortunately, such ideal scenario can never occur, and thus tragedy is born: we remain forever separated, and therefore we are all recipients of loneliness.

The so-called understanding is merely a fortunate correspondence of items in our subjective knowledge pool. The reason we understand words such as “happy” and “sad” is because we all have experience labeled with these adjectives in each of our private knowledge/experience pool. To some extent, we, the humans, learned over the years unspoken methods on how to identify an experience “happy” or “sad”. So when we hear these words, we can have a vague idea on what kind of emotional state is the person trying to communicate, but only vague never exact. We retrieve the item from our knowledge pool, and we recall what we felt to achieve the understanding of the words “happy” or “sad”. However, we can never feel the exact emotion of others just through words, conversation and books. Understanding is finite. The capability of language is limited.

If you came along with me to this point, and more or less agree with me of all what I have said, maybe we are ready to push the logic a step further. Please don’t abandon me now!

Now that I have exposed human’s inability to accomplish a perfect communication, I am ready to say that we are therefore segregated from each other, and loneliness is inevitable and inseparable from our existence. Sometime, I do feel each of us is like a sealed box, we are unable to describe what is going on inside of us, but tragically we persistently seeking the perfect communication for we long to be understood by others from the moment of our birth. Furthermore the interaction with others is a crucial and indispensable essence of our existence. We are born to reach out, to connect the self with other selves, to feel understood, to feel needed and to feel loved, and all these can only be done through a successful communication, but we are inadequate. Thus we are plagued by loneliness from time to time, and in loneliness I feel I am the only human being on the face of this earth.

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