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Absence of LOVE

I still remember how eager we were to see each other. I still remember how safe and at ease we felt when we gathered. We chatted about anything that was on our mind, and we shared dark corners of our lives. There was no wall, no guard and no mask. I cannot forget the strong bonding we once shared. We were tight, we lamented and jumped joyfully together. Your pain were my ache, your smile were my joy. The journey of life is not easy, but your companionship made it bearable; hence I was more courageous and more hopeful. Now, everything has changed, as if we were just acquaintances, and each week we dutifully perform a routine, a ritual. Despite of deep sadness and frustration, I attempt to find an answer, and hopefully it leads to a cure. Some say it is a natural phenomenon, we are entering into different phases of life, so the differences set us apart. Some say we are grown-ups now, we are consumed with the planning of our future. I say, it is because of the absence of love, the absence of LOVE made us strangers!

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