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Monsters vs. Aliens Review

Monsters vs. Aliens

I was fortunate enough to see this in an advanced screening on Saturday morning, and best of all I watched it in 3D. If you are going to see this movie, watch it in 3D. It really enhances the movie experience. Monsters vs. Aliens is not a long movie, it runs about one hour and 30 minutes. There were some funny parts, but overall the movie is good not great. The story is typical and predictable, and as far as being funny, it only managed to be passable, nothing like Kung Fu Panda. One thing the movie did right is casting Seth Rogen to be the voice of B.O.B., I think he did a great job. Every time B.O.B. speaks or even just laughs, you are guaranteed to laugh. It is the perfect animated character for Seth Rogen. In comparison to B.O.B., all the other characters fades into background, even the supposed main character Susan. To conclude this review, watch this movie in theater only if you want to watch it with your kids, otherwise just wait until its DVD release, and save the money for Pixar’s Up.

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