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The Sound of A Wish by ilmungo

Through ups and downs, rain drops and sun rays, we held together, we marched shoulder by shoulder. We are not naive, we knew too well life is unpredictable, like how we traveled thousands of miles to meet with one another on this distant land so far away from our homes, like that floating feather at the beginning and the end of the movie Forrest Gump. We knew, but farewells were too distant to be fully understood.

I always had this picture in my mind that we were dandelions, the parachute ball. Each of us is a tiny parachute, and when the wind blows with certain magnitude, we are ready to fly away, to dance in the wind. Today, we are dancing in the wind, and I have to share with you, my friends, it is beautiful and poetic. From that first twist in the air, I saw my blessing, I saw everything turn golden, even the times we could not stand each other, even when tears glided across the cheeks. So many forgotten details became clear, gleaming like diamonds. I felt so rich, so blessed, and at the same time so sad.

But, let’s not end this chapter of our life with a sad note. As we float in the air, smile to the sun, play with cotton clouds, witness the breathtaking beauty under our feet, let’s be the hopefuls, let us be the sons of eternal Light. When we finally landed, buried under soil, do remember the fickleness of life, there is a chance we may end up as neighbors the day we break the ground.

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