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Disturbance of Placid Lake

You threw a stone into my placid lake, and my world wrinkles by ripples. I have been self-trained to be in control of everything seemingly uncontrollable, for instance my emotions and the urge to enjoy spring. I have proven to be successful so far, and now I feel I am losing grip on the rein of this horse. I do not know where it’s heading to: perilous cliff or green plain, rose garden or ardent desert. Such uncertainty is the very cause of my fear and my confusion. Besides, there is no time to wait, to ponder, to think through; such matter cannot be solved by logic or proven by math. A decision needs to be made right now, today; and the effect of such decision extends into future. It is a matter of faith, a decision made solely based on faith, and faith requires courage.

Now that you have caused ripple and wind in my motionless world, I became uneasy. I can’t sit still, I can’t sleep tight. You penetrated my world and populated every vacant space. Even when I shut my eyes, I still see you, clearly and vividly. But I have no complaints about such disturbance. If it causes a storm, then let’s dance; if it sinks my ship, then let’s go witness together the wonder of a sea world.

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