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Unleashed, Late Review


I saw Unleashed awhile ago, so this is definitely a late movie review. Anyway, I just want to throw my two cents here, even though I think the movie is out of theater already. Maybe my opinion serves you as a reference to decide whether to see it on DVD or not. The short answer is YES. I do recommend the movie for a night of DVD rental. If you like a long answer, or somehow fascinated by my incoherent thoughts, then please feel free to read on.

Considering the past Jet Li Hollywood films, this one is different. It is not filled with rap stars and with seemingly countless fighting scenes. This one has an underlying story and not many fighting scenes. If I remember right, there are only four major fighting scenes. Of course, depending on everyone’s taste, this might be a good or bad thing, especially if you are a martial-art fanatic who only cares about beating up someone until they bleed in every possible way. Personally, I enjoyed the story, even though I still found it to be a bit loose and weak, but I think it is excusable since it is an action movie.

Another major difference is Jet Li’s acting. In his past films, not much acting is required. All he needed to do was to look like a fighter, and then just relentlessly shower the enemy with his fierce fists and kicks. But in this movie, you actually see Jet Li do a bit of dramatic acting, and he did well, at least I was convinced. However, still no real passionate kissing scene in this movie, I guess that’s the glass ceiling for Chinese martial-art actors in Hollywood.

Overall, it is an enjoyable movie, pretty entertaining. Fighting sequences were tight and creative. Okay, I’ll leave the rest to you.

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