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The latest surprising news is Yahoo’s acquisition of Konfabulator. Together with this announcement, the creators of Konfabulator also released version 2.1 simultaneously, and the software is offered for free. Indeed, excellent news for users! You save up 20 bucks and still able to decorate your desktop with cute and useful widgets. That’s good deal for me any day any time. For those who purchased Konfabulator, refunds will be available to claim for people who purchased version 2.0 and above.

Arlo Rose had a creative way of introducing the shocking news to users: by using a comic strip. I noticed the front page redesign last week. The sleek Konfabulator front page was replaced by a comic strip, and one new page is added everyday. The comic strip basically narrates the story of the software, how Konfabulator came into existence and how it evolved over time. After the acquisition announcement, it is obvious that they had planned this carefully. The last page of the comic strip was revealed today and it is about the surprising acquisition, which puts an end of the comic story, but on the other hand it signifies a new beginning of this successful widget software. I will stay tuned to observe the unavoidable effects that this acquisition will cause on Konfabulator, and I hope they are mostly positive ones.

On the side note, Microsoft launched Virtual Earth Beta.

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