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Losing Hope

This is what I feel right now.

As the hopeful light shifts away from my small stage, once again I found myself playing a lonely and insignificant role. When I stepped out my little theater, I see nothing has changed because of me and because of my deeds. I feel I am living in vain. Curtain is closed, audience is gone, and here I am, lost in a busy intersection. I can’t find my way home.

I stand before a dead end, my eye fixated on the end of the road. You can call me short-sighted or anything that I might find hard to take in any given day, but now I do not care. Dead end, the road stopped before reaching the grassy field and blue sky, where birds sing and angels dance. It is the end, but I am still longing for a way out.

Losing hope, indeed, at the bottom of the valley, I see no rainbow.

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