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The Promise

The Promise, Wu Ji

This is probably one of the most anticipated Chinese movies in 2005, directed by the famous director Chen Kaige, who also did Farewell My Concubine and Together. The movie’s Mandarin title is Wu Ji (無極); the English title is The Promise. According to an early report, the movie’s budget is over 30 million dollars, which is probably the biggest budget in the Chinese film history. Besides the money, the movie is also filled with some of Chinese stars, although personally I do not like two of the actors in the movie.

In some speculations, the movie is compared to the Western trilogy Lord of the Ring, for the movie is filled with myth and fantasy. The entire movie is 128 minutes long, and it will be premiered on December 15.

The Promise, banner 2


A poor child was favored by the Goddess of Destiny, so she become the most beautiful concubine, and loved by the emperor. But the price to such fortunate destiny is that she will never receive true love. The only way to break such curse is to go back in time. A slave fell in love with her, and he is willing to love her with his life. He used his near to light speed running, he was able to break the curse on her and bring her back to the beginning of time, where she needs to make her choice again. However, the process of obtaining the true love is not easy and smooth…

The Promise, banner 3

I don’t know when this movie gets on big screen here in U.S. But I will definitely try to watch it when it is available, to see whether it is really as good as these reports say.

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