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Personal Phantom

Every time I thought I have escaped from your claws, you come back and remind me of your existence. Perhaps this is my destiny. I have lived with you for almost 10 years, and my attempt to get rid of you never ceased, but I never succeeded. In some way, you made me into the person I am today, but I am not grateful. I wish that someday I can erase you from my life and see the eternal sunshine behind those dark clouds. My eyes desire light and my heart desires freedom.

What would I be without this phantom? Would my life be better? Would my smile be brighter? Would I be more optimistic? Would my sleep be deeper and untroubled? I lay flat on my bed last night, pondering the possibilities and then the reality seemed much harder. There is no choice but to continue the battle, or the escape, until then I am still incarcerated by my personal phantom.

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