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Dark Hole

I found myself lost and defeated. As if I had just put down my sword after a long and bloody battle, tired and exhausted, but only to find the monster that I just slew resurrected. It was a feeling of frustration, fear of uncertainty and mixed of subtle but tangible sorrow. Sorry, I am obscuring the factual event behind metaphors, but have your ever felt the way I described? It is moments like this, when pessimism sneaks in so naturally, sitting in the throne of my temple, dictating my emotion, my perspective of life and furthermore my behavior. I try to fight it, to overcome it, but even before I throw my first punch and voice my first scream, I have subdued myself under its claws. The only obvious remedy is certainly a change in reality, but we all know that it’s impossible. Such impossibility only makes me fall deeper, into the dark hole of depression.

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