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Have You Ever…

Have you ever felt life has become a routine, an inescapable program, and you are running with confused obligation?

Have you ever waked up in the morning, with radiant sun shining outside, but you find not even one thread of light in your heart?

Have you ever wondered what is the true calling of your life, and whether you will spend rest of life living without ever finding it out?

Have you ever pictured yourself walking on an immense green field, with warm spring breeze blowing gently on your face, and you feel so light that you start to believe that you can finally fly like a bird?

Have you ever for a moment wanted to live in total seclusion, far far away from people and society, in a secluded cottage deep inside a dense and impenetrable forest?

Have you ever doubted the depth of friendship, whether after all you are still alone, without that sweet taste of true understanding?

Have you ever imagined the day of your death, the day you finally depart from this earthly live, and whether anyone would shed a sincere tear for your passing?

Have you ever…

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