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Legoland on Saturday

My girlfriend finally finished her Winter quarter last Friday. She worked really hard this quarter; her time was taken up by school work, her part-time job and her fellowship. I think she did great in all areas and I know she was under a lot of stress. In her last few days of her final week, she slept total of 5 hours in two consecutive nights in order to get her study done. I worried, but after all she came through it.

So on Saturday, I have decided to go to Legoland with her and her friends. Although I am not very enthusiastic about it, but I know she would enjoy it and she has never been there. Besides, she deserved some fun after all the hard work.

Legoland Entrance

In fact, it was my first time there too. The park is primarily for kids, therefore the rides are not too thrilling for me, but the Miniland USA is quite interesting to behold and to photograph.

Miniland USA includes reproductions of seven areas of the United States, all constructed with 20 million LEGO bricks in 1:20 scale, that can be seen from many places in the Park.

Of course, let me illustrate it with some of my photos:

Miniland USA 1
Miniland USA 2
Miniland USA 3
Miniland USA 4

What do you think? Don’t they look very realistic? By the way, after about 5 hours in Legoland, I was pretty exhausted at the end of the day. Man, I really need to get back in shape!

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