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Life is Contradictory

When I first came to United States, I met with my cousin who is two years older than me. I was fascinated by her lifestyle. She lived with her boyfriend, she drove her own car and she paid her own bills. In short, she was independent and because her independency she enjoyed a great amount of freedom. At the time, I was very attracted by her way of living, and I wanted to be like her, to be independent, to be grown up. I remember having disputes with my parents about this. I was frustrated and I was angry, because I was a dependent teenager living in a family that was trying very hard to adapt the life in a strange country. I longed to grow up.

Now, after many years, I have become the independent person that I wanted. I have a job, I have bills to pay and I have numerous responsibilities to fulfill. However, once in a while, maybe in the silent night, maybe in the morning before heading to work, the thought of going back to be the worry-free child flashed in my mind. I reminisce the childhood I once had. Even though as a child I was dependent on my parents, but I was free of worries, of social responsibilities, and countless confinements that society has given me along the journey of growing up. Every time thoughts like these come to my mind, I find comedy in the irony and contradiction of human life.

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