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Beauty, In My Own Words

In response to this month’s ping homily

Let’s start my discussion with the well known phrase “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. One of the obvious meanings of this sentence is that beauty is subjective. If beauty varies from person to person, from beholder to beholder, then to take a step further, it is safe to say beauty is relative. What one person thinks is beautiful, may not be the case for another person. However, at this point of the discussion, I have to disagree with this derived belief of beauty. True beauty is absolute and everlasting. True beauty evokes love, compassion, commitment and forgiveness.

Now, let me explain my personal understanding of the phrase, and of the nature of beauty. In the beginning, beauty exists as an external phenomenon. It is always there since the dawn of time. To discover and behold the beauty, the beholder is required to be in tune with the frequency of beauty. It is almost like a radio. Our hearts and soul need to be in a certain state for us to discover and appreciate beauty; otherwise we are obstructed from beauty by the impurity of our hearts.

Same applies to our Lord, Jesus Christ. He is an embodiment of absolute beauty, and in order to behold His absolute beauty, first we need to strip away barriers of our sin.

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