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X-Men 3

Before you proceed, be forewarned that the review may contain spoiler. It may greatly diminish your viewing pleasure of this movie, so please read on with caution!

X-Men 3

This is going to be a relatively short review, since I don’t have too much to say about this movie. The movie is great to watch, a lot of action, a lot of special effects, plenty of mutant characters and few moments of light-hearted humor. But I do have one complaint, that is the movie is too short, only one hour and forty-four minutes. I wish it could be longer, since nowadays a movie ticket is about $8 here, quite expensive. Other than that, this X-Men movie is darker than the previous two. Finally, I hope you all saw the 30-second extra scene after the ending credit, it was a pretty big revelation. So now with Professor Xavier still alive, and Magneto seemingly having his power back, would there be another X-Men movie? It looks like Fox thinks so.

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