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Incident during Upgrade

WordPress announced an upgrade today, so I proceeded with the upgrade. After overwriting all the files, I went into the Dashboard and saw several lines of errors. It looked like they were caused by the plug-in Akismet. So I proceeded with the upgrade by clicking the upgrade link, hoping that the upgrade will resolve the issue. However, it did not. After the successful upgrade, I went into the plug-in section and de-activate and re-activate the plug-in, but the error messages still appeared on top, both in Administrator panel and my blog. Finally, I resolved the issue by downloading the plug-in from the Akismet web site and uploading it to my blog. I don’t know if the one packaged in WordPress 2.0.3 is different than the one found on Akismet web site, but apparently my blog prefer the one from the Akismet site. Weird! Anyone knows why?

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