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I bought a lunch box from 99 Ranch Supermarket, and drove back to campus. I walked to Leichtag building and sat down at one of many tables in front of building. I was ravenous, so I started to eat my lunch. Lunch was delicious and it was more than I can eat. The day was sunny, and campus was relatively quiet, most of students are in summer vacation. A man walked out of the building, walked towards a table next to mine and sat down. He took one look of his watch, and sat there enjoying the beautiful day. About 8 to 10 minutes later, a woman walked out of the building, from far she saw him and smiled. The man saw her arrival and smiled back. She carried a plastic bag with many containers in it. She sat down at his table, and started to take out all the containers. Soon, they started eating their lunch.

For some reason, I consider this the most touching thing I saw today.

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