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Most likely you have no idea what I am writing about, but that’s okay, that’s intended, and it will not stop me from writing. The reason is the writing itself has become a form of healing, a mean of reconciliation, a road to salvation. At the moment, writing is no longer communication, but a self-explanation and perhaps a self-reflection. By writing my thoughts out, I am able to better understand myself, and better comprehend my masked motives. These days, it is so natural to pretend, and sometimes the pretense even fools myself.

I want to write because I want to feel safe. I want to write because I want to be concentrated and at the same time distracted, because when I am concentrated on the present task I am distracted from all other matters. Concentration is perhaps the best distraction. Paradoxical? Certainly!

I have probably lost you in the last paragraph, but do not fear because I seem to have lost myself too.

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