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Ponzu Sauce

Lunch at Sakura 2

On Saturday, taking a break from my tedious GRE preparation, I went to have lunch with members of the worship team at Izakaya Sakura. Even though, I visited the plaza where the restaurant is located numerous times in the past, but I never noticed the existence of this little Japanese restaurant. I think the main reason is that the restaurant has no sign at all. I wondered how the owner attracts new customers. Anyway, I took a gamble and ordered something I never had before: Japanese Meatloaf with Ponzu Sauce. As you can see, the presentation of the dish is nice, however the taste is not what I had in mind at the moment of ordering. Of course, it is no one’s fault, since I had no idea what Ponzu Sauce is. In short, Ponzu is Japanese sour dipping sauce. So, for those who are like me, not too fond of anything sour, remember not to order any Japanese dish with Ponzu sauce.

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