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Captain Kidd’s at Redondo Beach

This is a belated post, but it is better than never. On November 11, my friends and I drove to Redondo Beach to eat seafood, because crab season is here and we were hungry for delicious seafood. We had a wonderful time, and of course we had a variety of seafood. As a crab lover, I ordered a 2-pound northern crab. It was huge, and it was yummy. Man, I would love to eat crab more often.

Redondo Beach: Grilled Fish
Redondo Beach: Northern Crab

Of course, crab meat is delicious, but the most enjoyable part is the process. When eating crab, you need to have a plenty of time. It can’t be rushed. Take you time to crack the shell and dig the meat out, meanwhile have a good conversation with your friends, now that’s what I call the most enjoyable moment of life.

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