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Apocalypto PosterMaybe I expected too much, or maybe the teaser and trailer of Mel Gibson’s newest movie Apocalypto is a bit misleading. Before walking into the theater, I expected to see a story which presents a possible explanation of the sudden banish of the Mayan civilization. At least, that’s the impression I got from the previews. But when the credits started to roll and the lights in the theater went back on, I was disappointed. So, for those who are going to see this movie, maybe you should go with no expectation and with a blank mind.

The ending of this movie arrived too early. I was waiting for the cinematic climax, however after the lengthy chase in the immense forest and the unbelievable arrival of Spanish conquistador ships, the movie ended without climax. Indeed, like some critics said, it is a chase movie, since about 65% of the movie is about the chase. Not that the chase wasn’t thrilling enough, in fact it was an incredible chase, but I was expecting the story to go back to the Mayan city, and showing some more spectacular Mayan city views. Through the entire movie, the city only appeared for a short amount of time, and it was simply not satisfying for me.

Nonetheless, because its unique story background, and there is really no other movie about this kind of story, I really don’t have anything to compare to. So, maybe it is worth to watch it just because of its uniqueness.

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