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The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness

I like the line in the movie, in which Will Smith talks about Thomas Jefferson and the pursuit of happiness. My mind was instantly stimulated by the perspective presented in the narration. Happiness maybe is not a state or a destination, but a process or a journey. Furthermore, perhaps happiness is only caused by the success after a long and diligent pursuit, and without such lengthy pursuit one will not taste the sweetness of the eventual success, and consequently no happiness.

This movie proved to the audience that Will Smith is a good actor who can succeed not only in comedy and action movies. His acting in this movie is excellent. He successfully acted out the struggle Gardner faced as an individual and as a father trying to provide and protect his son. As an audience in the movie theater, there were definitely times when you think some tissues would come in handy. The movie sends a positive and inspirational message to the audience. Gardner’s pursuit is definitely something extraordinary and inspiring to rest of us. I liked the movie and I liked the message.

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