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Bizarre Finder Crash When Right-Click

I don’t remember exactly when the crashes started to happen, I must have neglected initially since it happened sporadically. As days passed by, I started to notice this bizarre finder crash more attentively. Usually, my usage of control-click/right-click on my PowerBook is frequent. Especially when I am doing image editing, I have the habit of firing up Photoshop by right-clicking on the image file to bring out the contextual menu, and then select Photoshop. Recently, I have noticed that almost always on the third right-click the finder crashes, then it immediately re-launches itself automatically.

My initial suspects of this bizarre problem were Application Enhancer and ShapeShifter, because recently I have updated both to their latest versions. However, my Google searches could not confirm my suspicion. But, just an hour ago, I found this entry on MacNN, and the reader’s comment took my suspicion on StuffIt Deluxe 11.0.2. It also made sense to me. Since the right-click activates the contextual menu, it is logical to suspect that maybe something in the contextual menu is causing the crash. With my suspicion narrowed down, another more specific Google search led me to this thread and this article.

Okay, so the solution to the problem is apparent now. Since I never use the contextual menu item from StuffIt, I have no intention to download the fix from their site, besides I find StuffIt’s web site dreadful. Instead, I simply removed StuffItCM.plugin file in ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items/. After the removal of this plug-in, the problem ceased and my OSX is merry and healthy again!

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