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Take a Pause

Time can be so ruthless, even the shocking death cannot stop its steps. Sun still rises in the morning, and still sets around five or six. We still rush into the terrible traffic in the morning, and we listen to the same radio show on the way back home. Time never pauses no matter what happens, but sadly the pain in hearts stays and prolongs indefinitely. Once our hearts changed, nothing is same. I do not comprehend entirely why I am lamenting so deeply over the death of someone who I am not too close with. Perhaps, I am lamenting over the cruelty of death itself, and the fragility of our dear and precious life. Life can be taken away from us in just seconds, so sudden, so unprepared, so brutal. I hope we can all take a brief pause in our lives to re-evaluate what is valuable and precious in life, be thankful of what you have! Again, please continue prayers for Ryan Hwang’s family!

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