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Midnight Viewing of 300

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I watched 300 last night, well more accurately this morning. I watched the midnight show. My friends and I showed up at the theater around 11:35pm, the movie is scheduled at 11:59pm. Guess what? Lucky we purchased the tickets beforehand; all midnight shows of 300 were sold out. Another problem we soon found out was the waiting line. The line was so long, it ran all the way through the side-door and outside of the theater. When we got in, fortunately we found some seats in the fifth row. I know they were not the best seats, but hey, better than sitting in the first row, and have a neck-ache after the movie.

300 Scene 3

Now, how was the movie? Let me say this, it was beautiful, bloody, violent, poetic and epic. I think I just ran out of adjectives. All scenes in the movie were aesthetically impeccable. The colors used in the film helped to create an ancient, tragic yet heroic atmosphere. All the battle scenes were fantastic, and the way the actors delivered the speeches was perfect, at least they got my blood pumping in my veins. Overall the movie was like an epic visual poetry narrating to the audience an ancient heroic story, and the visuals were so impressive that I finally gave up judging the plot, because I was too busy indulging myself with the cinematography.

300 Scene 1

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