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Right-Click, Delete and Print Screen

Today, I took some time at work to install Windows XP on my new MacBook Pro using Boot Camp 1.2 Beta. The entire procedure was smooth and simple, but once XP was installed, I encountered few small keyboard-related puzzles. First problem was the delete button on my MBP’s keyboard; apparently it is not functional under XP. Then, I realized that I have lost the right-click. The way to get right-click in Mac OS X is through ctrl-click, but that combo does not work in XP. Finally, when everything was installed and organized, I wanted to take a screenshot of my XP desktop, but only come to realize that there is no PrintScreen button on my MBP keyboard. So, with a hopeful heart, I turned to Google for my answers.

Of course, Google did not disappoint me. Within few minutes, I found my answers and I thought it might be useful to others, so I decided to share them with my readers.

To delete something under XP, instead of pressing the delete button, you need to use fn+delete. Now, moving on, there were several solutions to the right-click problem. There were three software solutions to add right-click to XP on a MBP: Apple Mouse Utility, KeyTweak and Input Remapper. Apple Mouse Utility is a fairly simple solution. You can make this utility program as one of the startup items, and you can once again use ctrl-click to get right-click. By the way, this is the solution I took. On the other hand, Input Remapper is a more powerful program. As the name suggests, users can remap the keyboard layout using this tool, consequently solving more problems than only the right-click. For instance, the eject button, display brightness control, etc.

Lastly, I solved the print screen problem by installing Gadwin PrintScreen program. The program allows you to select a custom key combo to take a screenshot; furthermore users can decide whether to save screenshot into a file, or to the clipboard.

So, these are the solutions that I found. If you happen to know other ways to solve these keyboard-related problems, please do let me know by commenting on this post. Like I said, the learning never stops.

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