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MS Visual Studio Hidden Image Library

Recently, because of my work I started to dive into the world of UI programming with C#. I am learning the language and IDE, and reading programming books related to this area. When I was playing with the IDE today, more specifically the Windows Form Designer, I realized that to add an icon to a window you need a .ico file. One thing lead to another, in a Google search I found this post, which seems to imply that MS Visual Studio comes bundled with a collection of image resources for developers. So, I searched in my computer, which has MS Visual Studio installed, and I found a zip file named VS2005ImageLibrary. When you unzip this file, you will find a lot of usual image resources that you can use when designing a GUI application. Anyway, I am just excited about this little discovery, maybe you already know this.

Path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\VS2005ImageLibrary

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