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Transformers Review


Finally, I got to watch Transformers, and the viewing experience is totally incredible. Seeing these robots coming to life, and transform from cars/jet fighter/helicopter into realistic and metallic robots, there is nothing a man can ask for. Besides the excitement, the movie brings back a lot of memories. I remember the transformer toys that I used to own and play, and also the unforgettable theme song, and of course the sound during the transformation that as a child I used to imitate with my mouth. These robots were basically a part of my childhood. (possible spoilers follow)

Personally, I think the movie is well made, and the excellent supporting casts added appropriate amount of humor to make it even better. Anthony Anderson is so funny. His acting in the interrogation room is a gem. I laughed so hard in the movie theater. John Turturro is great too, especially when he revealed his superman-like underwear, it was hilarious. What can I say about Megan Fox other than that she is hot. She looks good and sexy in every scene in the movie.

By the way, before the movie I got to see the teaser of the mysterious untitled J.J. Abrams project. The teaser seems to be filmed with a home video recorder, which added extra suspense and horror to it. It started with a farewell party of a guy, then it looks like an earthquake occurred, and then a huge explosion took place in the center of the town. Afterwards, debris and fragments of statue started to fall from the sky. At the end of the teaser, no title is release. My immediate guess was a remake of Godzilla, but of course that’s just my speculation. What do you think it is?

Getting back to Transformers, I highly recommend it. Watch it, you won’t regret it, definitely a movie worth watching in the theater. While watching it, try to be a kid again.

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