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WordCamp Beijing 2007

Not long ago, I participated in this year’s WordCamp at San Francisco. Now the opportunity has come to the bloggers who live in Beijing, China. Through the efforts of 72pines and China Blogger Network, the first ever WordCamp meeting will take place in Beijing on September 1st. So far, the response has been incredible, and after few days of the site launching, the event already has 190 bloggers registered. Besides, the main organizers, numerous Chinese internet startups are sponsoring the event, to name a few: FeedSky, Yupoo, Xian Guo, FanFou, etc. Most important of all, Automattic is also officially sponsoring this event. So, the event is going to rock, and attendees will probably get stickers and t-shirts. I know the first 100 registered attendees will get a free WordCamp Beijing 2007 t-shirt. Finally, I want to urge those who haven’t registered, and interested in attending this event, please hurry up and register early, as far as I know the registration is not going to open forever. For the detailed schedule of the event day, please refer to the schedule listing on this page. By the way, another announcement to my readers, I am a member of 72pines’ development team.

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