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Rush Hour 3 Review

Rush Hour 3

Rather than calling it a review, I would prefer suggesting readers to think of this post as a guide to potentially enjoy Rush Hour 3. It is not a movie that you want to pay close attention to the storyline. As a smart viewer you should completely disregard the plot of the movie, pretend that it does not exist. Next, please for the sake of your enjoyment, do not wish to see any spectacular fighting sequence in this movie. If you watched enough Jackie Chan movies, you should already know what to expect in this area. So, what is there left to enjoy? Personally, I think it is the chemistry between the two actors: Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. I don’t know how they are off screen, but on screen they have a real comical connection. They make me laugh, and out of two Chris Tucker is loud, talky and funny as usual. I do agree with another review I read, Rush Hour 3 is probably not that much different comparing with previous two installments, except this one takes place in Paris. Therefore, I would advice you to watch this on DVD, but if you did not even enjoy the previous movies, then simply skip this movie.

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