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Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

Thank God! The upgrade process was overall smooth, I did the upgrade last night and only encountered few errors. After the upgrade, fortunately all of my active plug-ins were operational. With the new feature in WordPress 2.3, several plug-ins were detected to be obsolete, so I installed the latest version for these plug-ins. I think this is a great feature, much easier for the blog owner to keep all the plug-ins updated, or at least to know that there are updates. As far as for my current theme, I encountered two errors on the index.php, related to two database queries to obtain category IDs of my asides and noteworthy posts. I read about the changes in database tables and fix the queries myself, and it seems to be fine now. Lastly, I am still holding off on the tag usage. I did not convert all my categories into tags, and I still do not know whether I will use tags, perhaps a combination of both. I would like to read more about other bloggers’ opinions on the best usage, after that I will make my decision.

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