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In the Valley of Elah Review

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In the Valley of Elah is an anti-war movie inspired by true events. The message of the film is clear, through the tragedy of Deerfield family the film questions the war, more specifically the devastating and chilling psychological effect the war has brought to the minds of our young soldiers. At the end of movie, when Hank Deerfield put the upside down American flag on the flagpole, the message of the movie is apparent. However, In the Valley of Elah is an unusual film, because it explores war not through the chaotic streets in cities of Iraq, but rather through a mysterious murder crime committed in the states involving a soldier recently returned from Iraq. In the process of solving the murder, we are exposed to bits and pieces about the war, not about the legitimacy about the war or political arguments about the war, but rather the core characteristics about a war, or any war. Once again, the audience is shockingly reminded that war is brutal, irrational, horrifying and its monstrous force on a person’s sanity. In the Valley of Elah is intriguing, emotionally suppressed but strong, and very good actings from several stars. It is worth watching!

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